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Hear what people have to say

"I really appreciate the energy and passion that he brings to the gym. He gives us 110% in every class, no matter how small or large the class is and that makes all the difference. The way he is able to explain complex techniques in simple terms and can break it down and demonstrate it for us makes it easy to learn the moves and, more importantly, how to do them correctly. It is far easier to learn how to do something correctly the first time, rather than having to relearn correct technique after bad habits have already set in. Thank you for making technique a priority and for really caring about seeing each one of us improve, rather than just tuning out and giving us a workout. I learn something from every one of his classes, which is one of the reasons I try to come to as many of his classes as I can. He doesn’t go easy on us, either. He shows us how to do it, expect that we can do it, and by gosh … we can do it!"

Elin Severson, Member

Been learning from coach EV for the past 9 months now and I’ve honestly been in the best shape of my life because of his boxing classes. I’ve learned so much from him in this short amount of time and will only keep improving. His classes are fun, never boring or repetitive. He always has new fun training classes and will work with you to improve your overall skills in boxing. The people in the gym are also great. We all push one another which creates a wonderful environment!
I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is trying to learn how to box, fight, or just be in great shape.

Everardo Medina, College Student

I have been boxing for 4 1/2 years, last 2 years with Evi and my technique, speed and power has increased multiple fold. Because of him, I'm sharper, more focused, able to dodge shots more reactively, and smoother in my punches. He's able to decipher down movement analysis and hone in on where you need to be better and this is why he is the best boxing coach in Portland. You simply can't be lazy or sloppy around him. If you're looking for a good workout, and looking to have fun with boxing in a positive social atmosphere, but also want to get better in the sport, this is the gym you should join.

Alice Holland, Physical Therapist

I was lucky to get to know coach EV while back before he started this gym and all of a sudden I was training at Martial Masters Academy.  I have been going to some Muay Thai for a couple of years but was quite rusty.  It was really great to Have EV coach me and I have learned so much. If you are new or an established fighter or just want to train for fun both EV and Rebecca is a perfect fit for almost everyone.

Joachim Aagaard, Member

This gym is fantastic. The coaches are absolutely wonderful, they know what they are talking about and you will learn so fast from them. They have such a great way of running the gym. On top of that all the people and coaches create such a welcoming and supportive environment.

Jackie Prevish, College Student