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Youth Program

Our youth program teaches kids how to defend themselves from bullies and develop strong core values that will prepare them mentally and emotionally as they get older. We welcome kids from the ages of 4-16 yrs.

Youth Self Defense (Tues and Thurs)

This class teaches kids how to use elbows, knees, kicks, and punches that are widely used by some of the greatest MMA and Muay Thai fighters. In self defense,  we teach respect and humility between their peers, parents, teachers, and themselves. We give the kids a great self awareness of bully proofing and bad situations.

In our program we cover as listed below:

  • Proper form to protect from punches and kicks

  • Proper kicking stance for effective striking

  • Punches (Jab, Cross Hook)

  • Straight Knees

  • Kicks and Push Kicks

  • Basics of grappling, clinch, and ground work



Youth Boxing (Mon, Wed, and Fri)

This class teaches basic boxing skills and technique such as stance movement, punching, and guard. In the sport of boxing, hard work and perseverance are what takes boxers to the highest level of the game and that is what we encourage our youth students to apply inside and outside of training.


In our boxing program, we cover what is listed below:

  • Proper boxing stance and movement

  • The 6 punches of Boxing

  • The striking number system

  • Basic and Intermediate combinations

  • Heavy bag and mitt training

Please call (201) 606-3864 or email at for additional information!

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